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Hi guys


This is my first "essay". It was suppose to be an application essay for a college but I was so pleased with it, I thought why not put it up on the web. Let me know about how you feel about it. I'll have more essays coming up soon.

At times, the United States struggles with the diversity of people and thought that coexist within its borders. Provide your thoughts on the issue of diversity.

In nature, there are many rules and norms. One of them is diversity. The world alone has such a diverse collection of the living, the non-living that it is hard to imagine the diversity present in the universe. In this diversity of life on this planet, there are diverse species. And even in each species, there are diverse cultures. Such is human c ulture. There is so much diversity on the basis of skin colour, religion, caste, creed, race and thought. In Europe, there are "white-skinned" people who believe in the individual and in East Asia, there are "yellow-skinned" people who believe in the group.

I am not very familiar with the diversity of people and thought that exists in the United States, but I am very familiar with the diversity of people and thought in India. In the north there is the tall, fair "Pathan" and in the south there is the shorter , darker-complexioned "Tamil". These are but two extremes of the scale of diversity in India. These "stereotypes may not be completely true in today's small world, but there is diversity in every direction that one may look in. In this city I live in, Calcutta, this diversity is ever present. There are the "Bengal is" who appreciate sea-food in all it's glory and then there are the "Marwadis" (from north west India) who are strict vegetarians. This diversity is so wonderful to watch and to observe. It shows the glory of whoever or whatever or event that has created so much of the same, yet with so many differences.

Another aspect of the diversity of races is the diversity of thought, which is probably the most important aspect of the whole issue. It is this diversity of thought that is the key to progress. I f everyone thought the same then there would be no aeroplane or telephone or any such technological advancement. The people in India would stay in India and the people in Europe would stay in Europe, leading to no exchange of knowledge, which is so different.

Sometimes this diversity in people and thought may lead to chaos, but then a question can be posed that isn't life, itself, chaotic? One never knows what the other man/woman is thinking or going to do. If he/she does know, then that is a twist of fate. But it is this chaos that helps us realise the value of order, which is so very important in this world of ours, where if we aren't careful there won't be anyone left to realise the value of order after the chaos is over.