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Philosophy of life


How do I know that "you", who is reading this, is really you? I do not know and I cannot. This whole thing could be just some interactive "movie" that I or somebody is watching. I have no proof and nor do you have any that you exist. You may say that you exist, but how can I be sure. It could all be part of this "movie". Moreover, if you do exist, then how can you logically prove that all of this is not an illusion and not just something that the movie has put up. Furthermore, how do you (if you truly do exist) know that I exist and that I am not part of any program or movie? You do not know and you probably will not know. I cannot say "never" because it is a word that holds no true meaning in any context. After reading this, your reaction could be just something to divert my attention. And on the other hand, I could be something to divert your (assuming that you do exist) attention from something.

All these questions actually pose as answers as to why you or I can not know the "truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth" while you are or I am in this "state". By the word "state", I mean condition, presence and this world. If you or I ever knew the whole truth while we are alive, then it could mean a disintegration of reality as you or I know it. There has to be some "force" controlling all this and that force just does not want us to know. If we did know, then we might attempt to break out of the "shell". This I can say from the study of human nature that humans (according to history and observation that I have made through this "movie") always break the rules. Assuming that we all exist as we are led to believe by what we are told, then it is definite that if anyone knew the whole truth in this form, there would be an outbreak and chaos would overpower, if not eradicate, all sense of order (which it cannot since nothing can not exist).

I, in the last paragraph (and probably will continue to in this "writing"), have made many references and assumptions that you, the reader, do exist. This may seem as a breakaway from the idea of the first paragraph that this is all a movie. However, I must, to facilitate my train of thought. I have no idea, whatsoever you may be thinking, if anything, but I am sure that if I did, or anyone, for that matter, could know what the other person was thinking, then he/she would truly know the whole truth. But that truth would be limited, because he would have no proof, other than his feelings and thoughts, that he knows the truth. According to a third person, it could all be some hoax, or just part of the "movie".

Now I feel as if I am losing ground on this topic because, I am confusing myself in this warp of time, space, energy and matter. I know … I know it so strongly that it hurts, that there IS something making me write this and that that something is watching and making me do this as a part of some complex plan which I, like every unit of existence is a part of. This is all something which I do not understand, maybe because I do not want to or maybe because I am not allowed to.

Time and space are such crazy factors. According to somebody, time is a point in space backwards. What does that mean? What is backwards in space? Space is just something that we are led to believe exists outside of this place that we are led to believe is earth. Space is a reason for something we see or are made to see. According to NASA, the Big Bang, was 14 billion light years ago and that with the next telescope, we will be able to see it. I say, it is not possible. How can we see the universe as small as a fist? What will be around it? What is around the Universe now? The Universe is supposedly growing, but then what is around it that is growing with it?

I mentioned that there is a "force" controlling me, at least, if not the whole of "existence" according to a plan. You, as part of the program or because you are you, may ask then what controls that "force" because according to our reasoning, there is always something controlling the controller. I say that there either is nothing controlling that "force" or that it is just some cycle. How can I possibly say that nothing controls that "force"? It is just possible that the "force" has designed our brains, just so that we may think that there is a force but may not understand its working or anything that it does, until we progress onto a higher level or maybe "never". Again, the force could be part of this "program" that we have been designed to run in and can not understand.

Every time that I feel this loosening of my grip on this "thing" I feel this complete and utter determination to hold on even stronger as if I have come so near yet still remain so far. I pose questions and calculate answers, but none of them bring me any nearer to what I am searching for. I do not even know what I am searching for but still looking for nonetheless. Maybe this is the program – to look for something; something that even the force wants and needs to know, but is searching for itself as well.