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Philosophical Doctrines


Life is so well not understood. Had we not known nuclear physics, we wouldn't have the nuclear bomb. But then, we wouldn't have nuclear electricity as well. And the same principle can be applied to so much of our lives. As the saying goes: Every solution has a problem; every problem has a solution, and so on.

Here's some more food for thought. From that last saying, you saw that the cycle of solutions and problems is infinite. Why can't life itself be infinite? According to this doctrine, there is no end to ANYTHING. That means life never ends. It only seems to end. The universe never ends. You must have read about the Big Bang - when the whole universe was the size of a fist. What was around the universe then? What is around the universe now? There CANNOT be an end to the universe or any of creation. Our minds cannot cope with the idea of COMPLETE infinity. BUT, again, there is another doctrine, which states that nothing (or nobody) is perfect (or complete). So how can the infinity be complete? Even that which must end can not end. Our very doctrines and ideas are so crossed up that we have no idea what to think. This is why there are different religions. Different people attempted to read the doctrines in different ways. And because of those few people millions and billions of people have and probably will suffer down the ages because of inter-religion wars.

Today I saw this set of two pictures in the newspaper about the state called Kashmir in northern India, which is a part of the feud between India and Pakistan. One picture was of two Indian peasants fleeing Kashmir to safer locales and the other picture showed Pakistani peasants moving in Pakistan to safer areas. One was a picture of Indians suffering and the other was a picture of the Pakistanis. What have those people done to deserve that? Just because some stupid politicians and millions of people, who have no idea about these peasants' suffering, want a war, a war WILL happen. Neither India nor Pakistan will ever back down. Both nations are too proud. In India, Pakistan is scrutinised and criticised. And in Pakistan, India is given the same treatment. Each nation is scared of the other, although it is true that neither nation will truly accept their fears. Moreover, so much of this boils down to the religious differences between the nations. And the religious differences are just because a few men in the past looked at life in different aspects. Islam called the Supreme force Allah and Hinduism called the Supreme force Ram! That is where the difference lies. EVERY other thing is the same. The Muslim doctrine may seem different but this is only because changes have crept through. And the same thing has happened with Hinduism. Changes separate things. Evolution is a change, which has separated man from the apes. And religion is a change, which has separated man from man.