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Philosophical Questions and Answers


Life has its weaknesses. However, that is why we live life. It is because of the weaknesses that life puts forth that we move ahead and try, although success is not our real objective, to make life that tiny bit more perfect. It is that struggle that has held man together through time.

I have been thinking for some time now. I have questions, but still no answers. The answers may be the questions I ask, but even so, my questions are still not clear. I still need to know the questions that I ask and then I may search for the answers. But I may be wrong. Maybe it is not the questions that I must search for. Maybe I should search for the answer. And the questions will appear then. It's similar to solving a maze. The best way to solve a maze is to work your way backwards, because then you know the destination and just have to find the source. The source may reach many destinations, but the destination is reached from but one source.

God remains out there. Or maybe he isn't out there. Maybe he is just there, wherever there may be. In a space of his own. If the universe is so never-ending, God MUST reside in his own creation. But then, if God were in his own creation, it would be easy to trap him in it. If a man lives in a house he builds himself, he may once be trapped in it in an unforeseen event. But if he resides outside the house, he MAY be trapped there, but he will not be destroyed with his creation.

Our ideals are lost. We have a meaning to search for. There have been seekers and there have been those that have tried to understand the seekers. The seekers find the clues, whether the clues may be the questions or the answers and then those clues are understood and interpreted. However, our problem today is that we are too deep in past questions and answers that we cannot break free from the mould and set off on our own search for clues because we would be using the past answer and questions to help us in our search and we would be lost once more.

There is a theory that by looking into space, over billions of light-years, we can see into the past. The theory also goes on to say that the Big Bang can be seen if we look far enough. Now the question here is that if we look or go into that universe, would we be going into the past or would we be going over a distance. If we would be travelling time, why can we not see earth in the past? And then how big IS the universe. The universe may just be a small place and the rest of it may be the past.

I feel that a lot of the questions and answers are trapped in those few seconds. An event, which barely lasted a second, could hold the key to the future, the past, or any of time or all of space. There is a connection here that cannot be seen. Or perhaps we can see the connection and know what it is, but cannot understand it. Maybe we are looking in the wrong places for the wrong things. Maybe we shouldn't be looking. Maybe we should just try and understand WHERE we are and WHO we are. We don't even know the solutions to those questions and yet we search for the answers and questions of all of creation.

Coming back to god, assuming there is a god, he supposedly knows what we know and much more. He knows we know he is there. He wants us to know he is there. Then why can't we talk to him? He is there and wants us to know he is there, yet we cannot talk to him. Why? The question may be the answer, yet again.

It seems that so many of our questions may be our answers and so many answers may be our questions. We are lost because we do not even know why or what we are searching for. We do not even know how to search what we search for. But isn't that the search? The search for the meaning! We search and seek the meaning! The Ultimate Answer! The ideal that says what has to be said. The reality and the unreality.

Thinking has not been and won't be the problem. The problem will always lie in the understanding. For if we use an incorrect measuring tape to make measurements, our final answers will be wrong and confused. We have to create a new measuring device to think of and to understand the meaning of creation. It is the present answers and questions, not those out of the past, which will build our future.