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The Greatest Action Game Idea (Ever!)


Hello fellow gamer! I welcome thee to here. This page contains what I feel to be the greatest action game ever. Let me explain why I have actually done this. In the gaming world today, there are dozens of C&C and Warcraft clones in the strategy area. In the adventure games department, after Myst, every game starts off with your character being in a chaoic and lost situation. And in every 3D first person action game, you are saving all of humanity from some alien invasion or the other. This is why I thought of this amazing game.

The game is a 3D action game, with a third person "chase-view" camera like in MDK. The basic plot is that you are a member of a terrorist organisation (This can be modified to be a member of some peacekeeping group). You have to go on different missions, maybe around the world. At the beggining of the game you can choose what character you wish to be, like an assasin, a spy or just someone who will do all the missions. As a result of the selection the number of missions vary. In the missions you have to go through cities, bases of your enemies and stuff like that.

Here's an idea for a level in the game.

According to your instructions, you must blow up 5 sulphuric acid trucks that will be going through a certain city. They will each take a different path to reduce the chances of terrorist atacks. Now, in this game, you don't have only one path to take. You can proceed around the city by jumping across the buildings, going through the buildings (lifts, etc.) or even take the road route by taking someone's car. Along the way you may have to (if you aren't inconspicuous enough) fight some of the guards. The ammo and stuff you pick up from them depends on how much they have used. For example, if you kill a guard very quickly, you get more ammo than if you take your time and let him shoot. When you reach the truck you get to take out a gun which shoots bazooka bullets. You first have to aim and then fire. Like this you have to proceed and achieve the mission odjectives.

The true beauty of this game lies in the fact that you can do so many things. For example in the level I just mentioned, you can jump over the buildings, or even go through the crowds on the road. The level is drawn out and the player is free to take whatever route he wants as long as he/she completes the mission. As you progress in the game, you get extras like assistants who help you carry out your missions more effectively. And in between the game you can have certain missions to collect funds for your organisation like robbing, armoured trains, trucks and banks. And, again, as throughout the game, the theory of doing your mission how you want counts.

In the multiplayer aspect of the game, you could have players working as teams or against each other. You could have missions where the two teams have to stea a certain weapon and the team that takes the weapon and evacuates the area wins. Once a team has taken a weapon, the other team can still stop it.

So I think that covers my game idea. Well, what do you think? Let me know your opinions regarding this. So till next time, Sayanora.

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