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Welcome to my Web page. I am King Pash of Saturn! The rest of my identity is classified like the story of how apple pies have corrrupted the political system of the world. If you have any comments or suggestions about the page design, content or anything of the sort, please drop me a line.

Before U go any further, here's a quick overview of the site you're at. I ... am a ... person (what on earth were you expecting?). I love to write and this site is meant to be a showcase of my stories, essays and poems. There is also a games section, which I doubt will ever be pretty substantial. There you will find my game ideas, a few small games with outrageously low system requirements and some links. And now, I have even added a movie review section, which will surely require a lot of work on my part. As I said before, this site is mainly a showcase for my writing, so please read my works and let me know if you have ANY suggestions for the improvement of this page.

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