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Some Links (whether they're cool or not is your choice!)

This section is devoted to all those pals of mine (and whoever else I deem interesting) who I had promised (over a year ago) to put up links to their web pages. Well, if I promised to put a link here, then rejoice, for it is here! Hurrah!

1) Shana: A friend of mine who is a writer with an extremely interesting style. She's one of those people who words don't come close to describing properly. Visit the web site and judge for yourself. (

2) Nitin: An interesting personality who loves jokes. His collection of jokes keeps on growing and just gets better. Check out the site and you can take it for granted that you'll have a good time. (

3) Roundrobin Stories: This is a cool place to go to for the simple reason that the stories are the creations of the visitors. It's a cool place to let your mind roam free and to hear the thoughts of others in the craziest ways. (