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Hellfire, Burning desire

Both amount to pain

One hurts the body

And the other kills the soul

What use is it to live,

If only to feel?

What use is it to die,

If only to escape from life?

Pain, anguish

Two similar words

Both mean the same thing

Both mean that you are hurt


What is the use of love,

When hate rules supreme?

When people kill one another,

Based on petty greed.

What is the use of hope,

When life is lived till death?

What is the value of a word,

If its meaning is never known?

Where do all these feelings lie?

Pain, hope, and all such

They reign alone in the human heart

A heart which wants to go on


If life is just a journey

From the beginning to the end

Why must the journey

Ever be unpleasant?

If pain can be avoided,

Why does no one care?

It has to be felt

If not the journey is wasted.

You cannot hate if you do not love

You cannot fight if you don’t know peace

You cannot hurt if you know joy

You cannot be alone if you were once not