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The End


A solitary tear flowed down his cheek

Never had he felt so weak

As that moment, when it all went wrong

As if were all part of some dumb song

He looked at hands, fragile and dry

He didn’t understand why he wanted to cry

A single tear was all he could shed

He wondered if it’d end, if he were dead

But what was it – that he wanted to end?

His life – to heaven or to hell – his soul to send

What drove him to desire such a fate?

Filled with nothing but rage and hate

Battered, bruised and wounded such

No one really knew too much

Of what went on inside his mind

His private world – plenty to find

No one knew and even less cared

To know his thoughts – no one dared

He stood in the darkness and walked around

Hoping an answer could be found

To his torment – his self-inflicted pain

To end his existence – that was all too vain

He collapsed to the floor – a weakened heap

Empty inside – nothing left to keep.