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Ode to life


How he loved the fields of green,

The glorious blue sky,

The blooming daffodils,

The songs of the robins and sparrows.


He loved this symphony of life,

Of sight and sound,

Of emotions and feelings,

Of the lovely and the lovelier.


The children were playing in the fields,

Their dog was jumping around them,

Their laughter could be heard even a mile away,

Just by seeing their smiles.


The white cottage stood out among all the colours,

The yellow of the daffodils,

The red of the poppy fields,

The multi-coloured clothes of the children.


He sighed and thought that this is it,

This is the life,

If only I had found it earlier,

Maybe I would have lived life better.


He wanted to sway,

He sat on his rocking chair,

He rocked, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth,

Till soon thereafter, he rocked nevermore.