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Lonely Mind


Jokers joking

Hoaxers hoaxing

Wherefore is their cause

A little girl named


A white field mouse that roars


Swirling spirals

Holy denials

My world is upside down

Oversized fairies

Dogs on the prairie

I cannot hear a sound


Frogs are falling

Pigs are flying

The blue walls painted grey

Wood is rubber

Green whale blubber

What a beautiful day


Smoke fumes rising


The shadow of the sun



All has become none


Dreams are over

Four-leafed clover

Honey from the bess

Smell of tarnished

Year-old varnish

Oceans from the seas



A hundred zeroes

Martian sewer sludge

Collapsing Carbon

Frozen Argon

A seven-meter grudge


Tigers bleeding


The figure on a cross

Sacred plastic

Rage fantastic

Neptunian dental floss


German sunscreen

Wasted Phosphene

The end has finally come

Spirits crying


A deed yet to be done