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Skies of darkness


She looked up at the sky,

And saw darkness.

The sky was empty that night.

It was a hollow dome.

No stars shone through it.

It probably felt that the earth did not deserve any light, she thought.


There had been no light for the past week.

The only thing that told her it was night

Was a time-keeper she picked up (Not that she could understand it)

It was easy to collect things,

The dead bodies didn’t complain.

She had even got a gold chain for her brother,

If he was ever found.


She missed the light.

She didn’t like it when it was there,

It was too bright and hot then.

But, she missed it now.

It somehow gave life.

She wondered when the humans would stop producing mushroom clouds to block the light.


She waited there as still as a rock,

And then returned to her home.

Back in the ground,

Where she and her fellow moles belong.