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Saturday, the 14th

The horizon lit up with the rising of the sun

Whose magnificent light outshone the stars and moon

Children and adults woke up to another morning

To the start of another long day

All the day was supposed to be was work and more work

What was to happen, though, was to be much less than they imagined

Life went on at the usual pace

Until it reached that Friday afternoon

The sun shone brightly as if to compete

With something yet unknown


The people in the city went on with their work

The children in the schools reveled in their play

When in the sky there was a sound undeniable

Caused by a falling "rock"

The "rock", all ablaze, zoomed to the city

And crash landed in a park in between

The earth split in half

The city burned to a cinder

And all life that was near was gone

All that had happened could never be explained

That afternoon of the 13th.