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The sweet sorrow of parting


The snow fell to the ground slowly but noticeably,

Blanketing the earth and everything upon it.

But unlike the land, the sky was grey,

It’s gloom too hard to hide.


The greyness of the sky and the whiteness of the land,

All seemed to add to the feeling then.

It was a feeling of sorrow, of pain,

Of expecting bad news.


Under the grey skies, the trucks rolled out,

One by one they took out those innocent humans,

Whose only "sin" was that they were young men,

Who were old enough to fight.


They were going to places far away,

Far away from the quiet gloom,

If they were lucky, soon they would go farther,

To a place where they would have to leave no more.


But away from the trucks,

Away from the shadows of doom,

Two of many people parted their ways,

Who definitely did not feel the "sweetness" in their sorrow.


On the other side of the town,

In the shadow of a grocery store,

Which had been closed for so long,

Were two young souls.


They were so similar,

Yet so different.

One wore a gun,

And the other a rose.


She looked so scared,

Fear and worry had conquered this soul,

And he looked so brave,

In a state of hopeless despair.


They looked in each other’s eyes,

And felt the other’s pain.

It was no fault of theirs,

That they should feel this way.


The trucks had come near,

The drone grew loud.

The time for departure was nigh,

For the lands far away.


She gave him her hand,

He kissed it and turned.

The tears fell fast,

So two more people parted that day.