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The Essay, Story and Poem section

Good morning, afternoon, evening or whatever time of the day to you who wishes to enter the domain of my writing works for your reading pleasure.

This place is, as you should know by now, the centerpiece of my homepage and it contains most of  my literary works. Whenever I write a new story, poem or essay, I'll upload it as soon as possible. There may be two week periods after which I upload four works, which I will try to avoid. So all that I ask of you is to enjoy this page and to please return to read each new work of mine.

Of late, I have been working on a couple of different stories, all of which are much longer in length than the ones linked here. The first chapter of one of them is already here ("Sins", formerly known as "Dead Blood") and this is the one that I will be updating first. Until then, have fun reading whatever is here. :)





This page was last updated on January 6, 2001